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      Our know-how in the domain of electrical network protection by static and numerical relays has led to the development of new generations of products that comply with the most demanding quality standards and the most recent technological concepts. One of the results of this expertise is the numerical NP800 relay range.

      The NP800 relays provide the protection of people, networks and electric installations and they allow communication with SCADA systems. As well as the usual protection functions of former ranges, the multifunctional NP800 relays provide monitoring, measurement and recording of the network electrical quantities.

      Common characteristics for the NP800 range:

      Auxiliary supply ranges: 19V to 70V or 85V to 255V (AC or DC)

      2 setting tables

      Self-diagnosis: RAM, ROM, EEPROM, output relays, A/D converters, auxiliary supply, monitoring of software execution time

      Optional I/O extension board (included when directional function is present)

      Setting, reading, measuring and recording are all available locally or remotely

      Complies with IEC 60255-4 standard.

      Monitoring of circuit breaker failure

      Event recording: 250 events, 10ms resolution

      4 disturbance recordings in COMTRADE format

        Dispositivo ANSI Descrizione
      NPG800 21, 24, 27, 32, 37, 40, 46, 49, 50, 51, 50V, 51V, 59, 59N, 64, 81, 50BF, 74TC, 86 Multi function generator protection
      NPI800 46, 46BC, 49, 50, 50N, 50BF, 51, 51N, 86, 74TC Phase and Earth Overcurrent Protection
      NPID800 46, 46BC, 49, 50, 50N, 50BF, 51, 51N, 67, 67N, 86, 74TC Phase and Earth Overcurrent Protection with directional criteria
      NPIH800 50N, 50NBF, 51N, 86, 74TC Earth Overcurrent Relay
      NPIHD800 50N, 50NBF, 51N, 67N, 86, 74TC Earth Overcurrent Relay with directional criteria
      NPU800 27, 27P, 47, 59, 59N, 74TC, 81, 86 Voltage and Frequency Relay
      NPUH800 59N, 86, 74TC Residual Overvoltage Relay (Neutral Displacement Relay)
      NPM800 37I, 46, 48, 49, 5/49, 50, 50BF, 51LR, 51N, 66, 86, 74TC Multi function motor protection
      25, step up transformer adaptation Generator Synchro-check relay
      25, 90, step up transformer adaptation Automatic synchronizer device for up to 4 generators
      25 + network managment
      Network Check Synchronizing Relay
      NPW800 32, 37, 27, 59, 59N, 55, 81, 86, 74TC, BF